The Waqfs in Bilad ach-Sham in the Mameluk Era


André Nassar


During the Mamluk period (658-922/1260-1516), Bilād al-Shām was rich in a huge number of endowments (Awqāf), which confirm almost its clear presence in all kinds of the aspects of the society, whether in the city or in the countryside. This fact is proved according to wealthy and abundant information found in inscriptions, legal compendia, biographical works and chronicles. The Mamluk elite paid special attention to endowments, thus they repaired it, renovated it, arranged it, increased it and multiplied it, and established offices to manage it and to control it. But why the Mamluks took endowments seriously? What were their reasons?



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Waqfs, Bilad ach-Sham, Mameluk Era

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Nassar, A. (2018). The Waqfs in Bilad ach-Sham in the Mameluk Era. Chronos, 37, 143–175.
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