The Beneficence Orthodox Society of Beirut (1868-1935)


Imad Mrad André Nassar


Beirut city witnessed a remarkable development in the second half of the 19th century, and rose to be an Ottoman district in 1888. Religious, cultural, social, and educational institutions were established, and it became a multi-religious population. This development led to the foundation of many charitable, cultural, and social associations, among which was the Orthodox Charitable Society, founded in 1868 and in activity till 1935. This article presents the role of this charitable society in the development of the Beiruti Orthodox population.


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Orthodox Society (Beirut), Lebanon

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Mrad, I., & Nassar, A. (2019). The Beneficence Orthodox Society of Beirut (1868-1935). Chronos, 29, 61–94.
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